Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama Pelosi Regime A Burning Shipwreck

Obama Pelosi is pushing for a $165 billion bailout of private union pension plans -- and why not? Unions -- both private and public -- helped put Obama Pelosi at the helm of this foundering ship of state. Consider it a prelude to a multi-trillion dollar bailout for exorbitantly generous public sector union pension and benefit packages, which are bankrupting several state, county, and city governments across the US.

Obama has ordered almost 3 dozen $500,000 a day exploratory oil rigs to shut down for at least 6 months -- but Obama is not offering to pay the almost $20 million a day fees that rig operators demand from oil companies for that many drill ships. $20 million a day for 183 days comes to about $3.7 billion of costs -- for nothing! Once these rigs are forced to leave US waters for lack of work, it may be many years before oil companies can get them back again. Was that the Obama - Pelosi plan all along?

By choking off domestic fuels and energy production, Obama - Pelosi is forcing US companies to buy from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, and other state sponsors of terrorism. Way to go, Obama Pelosi!

The Obama Pelosi regime is clearly anti-private sector, anti-markets. As Europe's anti-market governments are being crushed under mountains of debt, shouldn't American politicians be learning something about the perils of anti-capitalism?

Although Obama Pelosi and its media minions have been chirping about an economic recovery for several months, this is not actually what a recovery looks like.

Obama Pelosi expect you to go down with the sinking ship, although they are amassing plenty of exportable personal wealth which they could take with them to Switzerland or some other haven, should they ever need to abandon ship themselves. As in "rats deserting a sinking ship."

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