Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Ambitious, but Deeply Bitter, Hate-Filled President

The ambition of the US President, Barack Obama, apparently knows no limits.   Smashing his way through the US economy like a mad bull in a china shoppe, Obama aims to seize as much control of as many sectors of the private economy as he can.

From health care to energy to banking to automobile manufacture to mining to housing -- even to coveting the private retirement savings 401K accounts of individual workers -- Obama's greed for power is virtually unlimited.

Unable to conceive -- much less see -- the misery and hardship that his policies have already caused, Obama pushes ahead with a killing agenda of ideology-driven destruction and power mongering.
Dr. Elaina George has written a recent piece in Big Government which looks more closely at this phenomenon:
Health care reform is the latest piece of the puzzle to be put in place. If you add this to what has happened in the financial industry and the banking industry a bigger picture begins to emerge. With the proposed financial regulations, there seems to be a movement towards the consolidation of power in a few institutions, systematically removing free competition, setting up the too big to fail phenomenon, thereby giving people less choice that will ultimately cost everybody more in the long run.

...It is not hard to visualize a future where there will only be a certain number of hospitals that are able to provide care for specialized diseases such as cardiac care, or orthopedic surgery. If that happens, access will be restricted since patients will be limited as to where they will be able to go to receive their care. If there was only one specialty heart center in the city and only a certain number of doctors on staff, by definition, there will be a limited number of patients that can be treated at any specific time. Unfortunately, these changes will likely lead to the de facto rationing of care. In addition to the problem of access, costs will likely go up because of the lack of competition.
The demise of Lehman Brothers and the consolidation of other large financial companies have led to very few winners in the financial industry – the biggest of which is Goldman Sachs. The banking industry has seen a few surviving large institutions such as Chase and Citibank. What the larger banks didn’t acquire in mergers, the FDIC removed by taking over and closing hundreds of smaller and community banks. Makes you wonder if the credit unions will be next on the list.
Like the banking industry and financial industry the biggest and most powerful entity will survive and competition will be crushed. _BigGovernment

The reckless push toward Obamacare in the US Congress and in the media, took no account of the potential dangers of the legislation. Now we are beginning to see that rather than increasing the availability of medical care, the "Obamacabre" legislation will have the opposite effect.

Obama's prejudice in favour of hypercentralised control of all economic and political activity is quasi-totalitarian in nature. Being raised by a single mother who was a hard core Marxist left young Barry with a simmering hatred of Europe and the United States. An idealistic (but unrealistic) love of the third world along with a heightened sense of historical western exploitation and oppression of third world peoples, gives President BO very little room for concern about the welfare of US citizens. An innate narcissism bordering on solipsism means that Mr. Obama is barely aware of the concerns of others outside himself, and bitterly resents the intrusion of outside concerns into his inner realm of self-worship.

As the real world -- which Obama acknowledges only grudgingly -- begins to crash around him as a result of his own incompetent leadership, some very interesting things are likely to happen inside Mr. Obama's head, and in its immediate vicinity. Things that will only increase Obama's bitterness and hatred of the outer world.

Be prepared for turbulence ahead.


bruce said...

pity the man has such conceptions. even as the most mundane he would have been hailed as incredible, as it is he will be ridiculed in his remembrance.
Worthy as a Shakespearian tragedy. We just need a Shakespeare to make his presidency have some redeeming worth. From such hollow roots to such heights and exposed as such a hollow man.
Which brings me to my personal insight; ask a valley girl to read his utterances and see for yourself "ja-know" if he isn't a bit magical in his presentation..

ee_ga said...

It takes a Carter to get a Regan, is that meaning enough? Not Shakespeare but given time I might be able to put together a quatrain. I only wish people would understand Robin Hood did not steal from the rich and give to the poor, he stole from the government and gave people their taxes back.