Saturday, January 27, 2007

Turkey Becomes a National Suicide Bomb in Quasi-Arab Fashion

Turkey once had prospects of entering the world of modern civilisation. It appears the majority of Turks have instead "gone Arab", and regressed to a stone-age Islam that worships the primitive past of bloody violence.
* Exploiting the population's disgust with government corruption, Islamists gained power through the ballot box - and immediately started dismantling the secular legacy of Kemal Ataturk.

* On the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Turkey stabbed the United States - its only dependable ally - in the back, denying passage to our troops in the fateful illusion that Ankara could save Saddam.

* Turkey strangled its (always faint) chance of membership in the European Union with internal repression, ludicrous prosecutions, farcical legislative efforts to Talibanize society and its stubborn denial of the Armenian genocide.

* Instead of winning Europe's approval, the government-sponsored anti-American hate speech poisoning Turkey's media only strengthens European convictions that Turks "aren't our kind."

* Impatient to send Turkish troops into Iraq to attack the PKK (a radical Kurdish group with a terrorist past), Ankara might face a startling military embarrassment, further alienate Washington - and finish off its last prayer of EU membership. (The Europeans just want excuses to keep Turkey out - and Turkey has a genius for providing them.)

* Despite the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship with Iraqi Kurdistan - where Turkish businessmen make substantial profits - the Ankara government obsesses about preventing the emergence of a Kurdish state. Betting on Iraq's Sunni Arabs (who despise the Turks but use them), Turkey has set itself up to lose big if Iraq dissolves.

* With its mischief-making in Iraq, cloak-and-dagger monkey business with Syria and failure to appreciate Iranian deviousness, Turkish foreign policy is in a self-destructive shambles unrivaled since the foundation of the modern Turkish state.

All of this leaves me in sorrow, since I spent decades arguing that Turkey's strategic importance required us to be patient as this land of enormous potential found its way to the future.

For an enthusiastic visitor to Turkey for three decades, it's been heartbreaking to watch its society and economy come to life - only to fall prey to Islamist vampires.
Much more at Source.

Islam belongs in the bloody past of humanity. For humans to proceed into a future of promise, they must discard the bloody cloak of islamic barbarism. Turkey has chosen to regress--and descend into a bloody morass. Other parts of the world--particularly Europe--will have to make the same choice soon.

It is not too early to begin to prepare for the worst.

Tea With Terrorists--An Online Novel on Islam

Modern westerners often digest their concepts of the world through works of fiction. Whether books, movies, TV shows, university lectures, or media news, fiction is the main interface with reality for most westerners.

How good it is then, that there is an online novel freely available for anyone, which gives a preview of coming attractions in the "terror war." Perhaps reading such novels will give mainstream, average westerners a better mental picture of the reality that is closing in around them.
Tea With Terrorists is a novel set three years in the future. Winn and Power have crafted a taut thriller, equal parts spine-tingling action and bone-jarring truth. Its message is haunting and controversial: the source of terror is Islam... not a radical fringe group, not some fanatical terrorist organization. Islam itself.

Winn and Power went to the source, daring to meet face to face with terrorists: al Qaeda, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad - an encounter faithfully recounted in the title chapter. They probed the murky waters of Islamic scripture and history. Rich with detail and buttressed with documentation both ancient and modern, Tea with Terrorists may be a work of fiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

The "War on Terror" is in reality a war between stone-aged religious barbarism in the form of fundamentalist Islam, and modern tolerant western civilisation. There is no common ground between the primitivism of true Islam, and the enlightenment of the western world. Only mainstream western leftists and far extreme rightwingers claim common cause with the Islamists and their religious bloodletting.

With the passing of time, only rigid political ideologues, the very stupid, and the mentally ill, will comprise the westerners who ally with Islamic atavism. Perhaps if more people woke up sooner, we could skip several million deaths along the way.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Brainwash U--A Tour of America's Universities

If you haven't been on campus for a while, you may be unaware of what universities in North America have become--indoctrination centers.
The active suppression of conservative (non-leftist) ideas extended to extra-curricular speaking and activities programs which supported almost exclusively leftwing viewpoints, and to required freshman reading programs, which assigned only leftwing texts, and to supplemental course offerings – the “house” program at Duke University is a striking example -- where professors voluntarily provided students with training sessions in Marxism and other radical creeds under the guise of enriching their academic “education.”

Another form of ideological suppression conducted by faculty ideologues was the abusive treatment of conservative ideas and conservative students in the classroom itself.

Go ahead and take the tour. The brainwashing tour.

I would not be as concerned about the heavy-handed leftist takeover of the universities if not for one thing--there is no room on campuses now for the diversity of ideas. Without this exposure to a diversity of ideas--the only kind of diversity that is important to students--today's students will never learn to think for themselves. Perhaps this is what the brainwashers want--it certainly appears so.

But the western world must face a serious outside threat posed by a fascist and bloody religious extremism from the middle east, if it is to survive. Handicapping the minds of the brightest youth does nothing to increase the strength of western societies--just the opposite.

Young people are expected to be leftists, naturally. But as they gain experience in the real world, the more intelligent will curb their leftism as they acquire wisdom and perspective. When their higher education is so strongly biased to a caricatured left, as it is today, many students will lose the opportunity for true independence that university is supposed to present.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Undercover In a Wahabi Mosque in Britain--Conquest of the Western World

Honestly, these radical muslims are extremely dull witted. At the same time, there are plenty of even less intelligent muslims who listen to the radicals with fanatic intensity.

I understand why these fanatics wish to take over the western world. I do not understand the appeasement mentality of most of the popular western media, most academics in the social sciences and arts, and in the larger part of leftist western political organisations.

When muslim fanatics are so strongly misogynistic, so violently hateful toward homosexuals, so intolerant of secular political views, so resistant to allowing basic human rights in muslim-controlled areas, and so sexually abusive toward children--it is difficult to understand the strong attraction of leftists to this movement. Perhaps this apparent irrationality can be explained by left-leaning appeasers, although I doubt it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Video Clip from "24": Adrenaline TV

In which Jack Bauer must kill his best friend in order to protect a terrorist. In which Los Angeles suffers the first nuclear attack on US soil. In which Jack quits his job, witnesses the nuking, then joins up immediately.

If the writers, directors, producers, and actors of "24" can follow this up appropriately, they may make television history.

This is intense in a way that totally fictional TV never could be--because any honest person knows it, or something like it, could happen tomorrow.

"24" Los Angeles Nuked by TV Terrorists--When Will It Happen For Real

It is politically fashionable to pretend that "global warming" is a bigger threat than islamic terrorism. Most elected officials, entertainment celebrities, and news media conglomerates seem to agree that changing the subject and pretending the problem doesn't exist is the only way to deal with the existential threat to western civilisation--the only halfway civilised civilisation the world has ever known.

The television show "24" on the US Fox Network has come out with a powerful first four hours. A large part of Los Angeles has been destroyed by a suitcase nuclear weapon by arab muslim terrorists. This is a major break from an overwhelming denial of the problem among most media powers. I am wondering when the enablers of terrorism will begin to attack Fox for its realism?

Remember when Hollywood made a movie of a Tom Clancy thriller about muslim terrorists setting off a nuclear bomb in Denver? Hollywood changed the muslim terrorists into right-wing domestic terrorists. Realism doesn't sell to the media or political elite. Make believe pretending is more their style.

Muslim terrorists will kill innocent people anywhere in the world they can--until the west can produce an organised force with enough competence and power to put an end to the extremism that has captured the heart, mind, and soul of contemporary Islam.

Today, it is a "24" TV show episode. Tomorrow it will be on 24 hour news coverage of CNN. When it really happens, somehow I think the CNN producers will be smiling.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

America Alone and the Decline of the West

Muslims are reproducing rapidly, and are bound to become the majority population in Russia and several countries in Europe, before the end of this century. Why is that important?

Islam is the world's second largest religion, and claims to be growing faster than Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism.

But Islam also is a totalitarian political ideology, akin to communism, that is fundamentally inconsistent with Western understandings of individual freedom, sexual equality, material prosperity, and representative government, not to mention our Judeo—Christian heritage. Since 9/11, just five short years ago, the conflict between the West and Islam (especially in Europe) has become much more pronounced, and much more violent.

Granted, most Muslims are not terrorists. Nevertheless, it is clear that many Muslims, including some portion of those living in the West, sympathize with terrorists and support the global jihad. As Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, David Yerushalmi, and many others have explained, the jihadist impulse is found throughout Islamic theology, history, and culture.

Islam divides the world into the House of Islam (dar al—Islam), where Islamic law(sharia) reigns supreme, and the House of War (dar al—harb), where sharia does not yet prevail. Muslims are enjoined by Allah and Muhammad to wage war upon the House of War until it is brought within the House of Islam. This religious—political project — and not the P.C. troika of poverty, tyranny, and discrimination — is the root of jihad. (For an excellent introduction to the theology and history of Islam, see here.)

It should not be surprising, then, as Steyn emphasized in a recent column, that the vast majority of Muslims worldwide feel primary loyalty to their religion ('Pan—Islamism'), instead of to the particular nations in which they live.

Russia and Europe are on a downward demographic course. So is most of the western world. Eventually, muslim immigrants will reduce their procreative rate, but not before they achieve majority control of their adopted countries. Even before that happens, they will irrevocably change the way things are done.

Slavs are in steep population decline, and, on present trends, Russia will be majority Muslim by 2050. And the Russian Army will be majority Muslim by 2015. In western Europe, societal suicide isn't quite so advanced, but the symbolism is still poignant: "George" isn't just the name of America's reviled cowboy President, but of England's patron saint; the national flag is the Cross of St George, under which Englishmen sallied forth to smite the Mohammedans in those long-ago Crusades. Now the Mohammedans have managed to smite the Georgians big time, not by conquest but simply by outbreeding. Mohammed is also the most popular boy's name in Brussels, Amsterdam and other Continental cities.

But forget Islam: in Europe, they're inheriting by default. There are no Muslims or any other significant group of immigrants in Japan and yet the Japanese are engaging in a remorseless auto-genocide. Already in net population decline and the most geriatric society on earth, their descent down the death spiral is only going to accelerate. As the BBC reported, "The imbalance is threatening future economic growth and raising fears over whether the government will be able to fund pensions. But Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said: ‘It's impossible for the pension system to collapse due to the declining birth rate because we will adjust the amount of money put into it.'"

Oh, okay then. But, just as a matter of interest, when you "adjust" the amount of money you put into the pension system, whose pockets are you going to "adjust" it out of? Japanese and European societies are trying to secure the future on upside-down family trees in which four grandparents have one grandchild. No matter how frantically you "adjust", that's unsustainable.

The modern global economic system cannot survive after muslims take over. Muslims lack the ability to coordinate something so complex. No, expect the same thing to happen to the world, as happened after other world civilisations collapsed.

Our global economic system is a brilliant creation, imperfect of course, but powerful and effective in creating more prosperity for more people than ever in the history of the world. It is a creation of America's military and America's benign government of the world -- so benign they pretend we don't govern it.

Our enemies and most of our "allies" and many of our own citizens are working as hard as possible to bring the whole thing crashing down, though that is not at all what they intend.

They just haven't learned the lessons -- the principles -- of how great economic empires are maintained. They only look at the political dogmas du jour and spout their platitudes. People like me are ridiculed for seeing the big picture and learning the lessons of history.

And if we're lucky, and get out of this intact -- i.e., if we go ahead and continue this war, break the power of Iran and Syria, and inflict crushing defeat on radical, expansionist Islamicists (which will require that Europe do the same with their own increasingly revolutionary Muslim populations, either expelling them or crushing their radical, Saudi-funded leadership) -- then I will still be ridiculed, because there will be no evidence that I would have been right.

Well, I'll be happy to be ridiculed for being such a doomsayer, if we are able to avoid collapse. I want to be wrong.

Civilisation in the balance. Better do your contingency planning. Try to see the big picture, and how it can change. Quickly.

No Substitute for Victory

History Professor John Lewis looks back on a previous American response to a sneak attack. He describes how the American president waged war against the enemies of America until they surrendered unconditionally. He then looks at the modern "war on terror" and wonders how the American will to survive as a free nation became so degraded in such a short time.

This is Islamic Totalitarianism—State Islam—rule by Islamic Law—and it is on the rise. While this cleric plots an Islamic State, people from countries where children are taught that Jews are born of pigs and monkeys, and that Israel is “occupied territory” and fair game for attack, rail against so-called anti-Muslim “prejudice.” Inside America, leaders of hostile countries give speeches to build “bridges of understanding” while building nuclear bombs overseas.9 Adherents of Islam claim to be victims of persecution, assertions they make on national television, from pulpits, and in tenured university positions.

Meanwhile, a state of siege is being more deeply entrenched inside America every day. We are losing the war by institutionalizing the loss of our freedoms, searching the sneakers of senior citizens in wheelchairs in order to avoid confronting bellicose dictatorships overseas. In the minds of many people, the Bush administration’s allegedly “offensive” strategy has discredited the very idea of genuinely offensive war for American self-interest, which it pledged to fight, and then betrayed to its core. Our soldiers come home maimed or dead, and military offense, rather than timidity, takes the blame. To compensate for our weakness overseas, we are building electric fences and security barriers to keep the world out, accepting the medieval ideal of walled towns under constant threat of attack, rather than destroying the source of such threats.

In short, the second, pragmatic, altruistic approach has failed. In the five years since 9/11, the motivations behind the Islamic attacks have not been suppressed—and this is the real failure of these policies. The number of particular attacks is not the measure of success or failure. The Islamic Totalitarians remain physically intact, spiritually committed, and politically empowered. The Islamic Totalitarian movement remains—distributed, without the strong central command Al Qaeda once had, but still energized—and it appears like hidden gushers, the jihad bursting forth in seemingly random places by internal pressure from an underground stream. Our acceptance of pragmatism, the policy of short-range trial and error that rejects principles on principle—and altruism, the morality of self-sacrifice—left no other result possible.
Much more at the source.

In other words, there is only one way to defeat this despicable and primitive enemy: total war. Total war does not mean using every weapon in the arsenal. It means using what works. Limiting injury to non-combatants is a high priority, but not the greatest priority. The greatest priority is preservation of western values of personal freedom in the social, political, and economic spheres. Whatever threatens these freedoms becomes the enemy--whether that is Wahabi fanaticism, Hizbollah, Iranian nuclear terrorism, or any government whatsoever.

Anything else is appeasement and surrender to religious totalitarianism and fascism. Although post-modernist university professors and journalists subscribe overwhelmingly to the appeasement philosophy of survival, their slovenly decadence is not something an intelligent person would imitate. Rationality dictates that an enemy that has sworn to destroy your culture should himself be destroyed. There is no substitute for victory--clear and overwhelming victory.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Accurate Analysis of the Ongoing Long War by Wafa Sultan: Such Clarity is Rare

Wafa Sultan, woman physician refugee from Syria, describes very clearly on Al Jazeera TV what is wrong with Islam today. If the western media and the predominantly leftist academia in the west had just a fraction of the wisdom of this woman, there would be no threat to the west.

But with the appeasement philosophy dominant in the media and the universities, as well as the leftist political parties of the west, there is no chance this ongoing primitive violent aggression by religious fanatics can be stemmed in a timely fashion, with a relatively low loss of life. No, the appeasers will not allow the problem to be dealt with properly, so the eventual loss of life will be massive.

Wafa Sultan is brave and wise. But the warning she sends to the west is falling on deaf ears, due to sandbagging by the western appeasement media. Too bad. Many people will die unnecessarily.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Once, People Like This Were Relatively Common

If western schools knew how to produce graduates with the personal competence of Richard Proenneke, there would be no need to be concerned about the violent assault against the west by superstitious barbarians steeped in a primitive worship of a bloody moon god.

Instead, western schools are creating graduates of neotenous incompetence, who are incompetent to defend the only civilisation that is even slightly enlightened--modern western civilisation. Neoteny is the rot at the core of the impending decline and fall of the west.

The only thing government schools accomplish now is the mass production of superfluous incompetents.