Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LA Teachers Hold Revolutionary Rallies to Inspire Students

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We knew they had to be teaching something besides traditional instruction in schools -- very few high school graduates are prepared for college. The teaching of revolution is in keeping with the ideals of many curriculum designers at university teachers' colleges -- or schools of "education" as they are called.

Most immigrants from Latin America wanted to escape this type of radical fomenting of violence which they came to know all too well in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico. But the radical pseudo-intellectuals of the dieoff.left never get enough violence or death. It is what they are all about.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the immigrants from LA did not want to escape this kind of militant leftism, they just migrated north as individuals and sought jobs. Down there the prevailing wisdom is that the evil gringos are holding them down, and once they get here not much changes. The Latin community in the US is just an extension of the Latin community down south, and I can't see the Latins here changing their views independently of the ones down south in their home countries.