Thursday, May 06, 2010

Islamic Terrorists at Times Square, Greek Communists Riot, Kill

Although leftists and Islamists are the ones rioting, murdering, and terrorising, you can always count on politicians, academics, celebrities, and the media to keep trying to blame grass roots Tea Party activists for being violent.

[satire]Eric Holder and a gang of Justice thugs worked unsuccessfully on the Times Square terror suspect for 36 hours straight, attempting to get him to renounce Islam and join the American Tea Party movement. The Obama administration is desperate to create an "Oklahoma City bombing" style boost to the president's badly sagging poll numbers. Getting Faisal Shahzad to join the Tea Party would be a huge public relations win for Obama - Pelosi, and it is unlikely that AG Holder will let up on his efforts any time soon. [/satire]

Greek leftist freeloaders are unwilling to live within their means. So they riot and murder to express themselves.

Given the public sector pension disaster developing in the US, we may see union thugs and leftist activists committing the same crimes in American cities soon.

H/T Reversespins

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