Sunday, May 30, 2010

America Cannot Afford Stupidity of Obama Pelosi

Too broke to be this stupid? Mark Steyn makes a convincing case that America can no longer afford the stupid policies of an ever expanding welfare state fascism.

If your children are normal and healthy, they will outgrow the socialism they have been taught in government schools and universities. But if you have neglected any aspect of their upbringing, they may be stuck in a leftist zomboid stupour for the rest of their lives.

Children in an affluent culture are apt to grow up lazy and dull-witted. Sometimes wise parents will intervene to help their children learn work values. Most parents are not wise.

And so society is stuck with a glut of mal-educated nincompoops, who have no idea why employers are not lining up to hire them. At this rate, the incompetency to competency ratio is going through the roof!

From the South, illegal aliens are pouring into the country, disrupting the census, and making a lot of taxpaying rule followers very unhappy. Unhappy enough to secede? Eventually.

More people are turning to the Tea Party movement. Enough to disrupt the mainstream parties? Could be.

The Tea Party is close to mainstream, common-sense values that a majority of Americans have always adhered to. But although the mainstream media hates this fact, the excesses of Obama - Pelosi are clearly creating openings for libertarians here and there.

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bruce said...

I continue to be disappointed in the foreign policy of the current admin.
On the face of it I get the feeling we are expressing a "plan" that has no positive future for the USA.

Now I don't assume to have above average knowledge and no inside vantage, but damn, what is the advantage we are shooting for?