Friday, May 07, 2010

Leftists Scream "Racist!!!" and Secretly Hate Poor People

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Do leftists secretly hate poor people? Well, not only poor people. Leftists actually hate all people except themselves. They would be happy to eliminate hundreds of millions -- if not billions -- of their fellow humans via a great human Presumably, only leftists would remain, to rule over a pristine nature in a most enlightened manner.
[Leftists] claim to combat poverty in two principal ways.

First, they use the force of government (e.g., income taxes) to take money from those who have earned it in order to give it to the poor.

Second, they restrict people’s use of their property to enable the poor to have access to such property.

What [leftists] fail to understand, however, is that the very means they choose to combat poverty – socialism and interventionism – actually exacerbate the problem that they claim to address. Their war on poverty hurts the very people they say they are trying to assist. _lewrockwell

Leftists fail to understand that wealth must be created before it can be redistributed. Consequently, leftists do not know when to stop. Leftists are unable to detect when their policies are having such a negative effect on wealth creation, that there will be progressively less and less wealth to spread around.

In leftist countries, people do not want to have children, and birthrates are declining precipitously. As populations shrink, human capital goes away, and yet another form of wealth is destroyed by leftist policies.

The US Constitution was explicitly designed to put limits on what government could do to the people. But government does not like to be constrained, so corrupt bureaucrats and elected officials have been tearing away at Constitutional protections of citizens' rights for over a century. The Obama - Pelosi reich is the epitome of anti-constitutional regimes.

The Tea Party grassroots opposition to O-P fascism is frightening to leftists. They need to destroy grassroots anti-leftist populism by any means necessary. But opposing leftism is seen as a matter of survival to many American democrats, independents, and republicans. So they will not give up so easily.

Will Obama become the fascist in public that he has always been in private?

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