Saturday, January 27, 2007

Turkey Becomes a National Suicide Bomb in Quasi-Arab Fashion

Turkey once had prospects of entering the world of modern civilisation. It appears the majority of Turks have instead "gone Arab", and regressed to a stone-age Islam that worships the primitive past of bloody violence.
* Exploiting the population's disgust with government corruption, Islamists gained power through the ballot box - and immediately started dismantling the secular legacy of Kemal Ataturk.

* On the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Turkey stabbed the United States - its only dependable ally - in the back, denying passage to our troops in the fateful illusion that Ankara could save Saddam.

* Turkey strangled its (always faint) chance of membership in the European Union with internal repression, ludicrous prosecutions, farcical legislative efforts to Talibanize society and its stubborn denial of the Armenian genocide.

* Instead of winning Europe's approval, the government-sponsored anti-American hate speech poisoning Turkey's media only strengthens European convictions that Turks "aren't our kind."

* Impatient to send Turkish troops into Iraq to attack the PKK (a radical Kurdish group with a terrorist past), Ankara might face a startling military embarrassment, further alienate Washington - and finish off its last prayer of EU membership. (The Europeans just want excuses to keep Turkey out - and Turkey has a genius for providing them.)

* Despite the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship with Iraqi Kurdistan - where Turkish businessmen make substantial profits - the Ankara government obsesses about preventing the emergence of a Kurdish state. Betting on Iraq's Sunni Arabs (who despise the Turks but use them), Turkey has set itself up to lose big if Iraq dissolves.

* With its mischief-making in Iraq, cloak-and-dagger monkey business with Syria and failure to appreciate Iranian deviousness, Turkish foreign policy is in a self-destructive shambles unrivaled since the foundation of the modern Turkish state.

All of this leaves me in sorrow, since I spent decades arguing that Turkey's strategic importance required us to be patient as this land of enormous potential found its way to the future.

For an enthusiastic visitor to Turkey for three decades, it's been heartbreaking to watch its society and economy come to life - only to fall prey to Islamist vampires.
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Islam belongs in the bloody past of humanity. For humans to proceed into a future of promise, they must discard the bloody cloak of islamic barbarism. Turkey has chosen to regress--and descend into a bloody morass. Other parts of the world--particularly Europe--will have to make the same choice soon.

It is not too early to begin to prepare for the worst.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very sad story indeed, hopefully Europe won't yet be suckered into letting Turkey join the EU. Then again, maybe Turkey joining would hasten the collapse of the bloated and tyrannical mess which is the EU. Islam must be neutralized.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
a Taliban Earth...