Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Accurate Analysis of the Ongoing Long War by Wafa Sultan: Such Clarity is Rare

Wafa Sultan, woman physician refugee from Syria, describes very clearly on Al Jazeera TV what is wrong with Islam today. If the western media and the predominantly leftist academia in the west had just a fraction of the wisdom of this woman, there would be no threat to the west.

But with the appeasement philosophy dominant in the media and the universities, as well as the leftist political parties of the west, there is no chance this ongoing primitive violent aggression by religious fanatics can be stemmed in a timely fashion, with a relatively low loss of life. No, the appeasers will not allow the problem to be dealt with properly, so the eventual loss of life will be massive.

Wafa Sultan is brave and wise. But the warning she sends to the west is falling on deaf ears, due to sandbagging by the western appeasement media. Too bad. Many people will die unnecessarily.

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