Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"24" Los Angeles Nuked by TV Terrorists--When Will It Happen For Real

It is politically fashionable to pretend that "global warming" is a bigger threat than islamic terrorism. Most elected officials, entertainment celebrities, and news media conglomerates seem to agree that changing the subject and pretending the problem doesn't exist is the only way to deal with the existential threat to western civilisation--the only halfway civilised civilisation the world has ever known.

The television show "24" on the US Fox Network has come out with a powerful first four hours. A large part of Los Angeles has been destroyed by a suitcase nuclear weapon by arab muslim terrorists. This is a major break from an overwhelming denial of the problem among most media powers. I am wondering when the enablers of terrorism will begin to attack Fox for its realism?

Remember when Hollywood made a movie of a Tom Clancy thriller about muslim terrorists setting off a nuclear bomb in Denver? Hollywood changed the muslim terrorists into right-wing domestic terrorists. Realism doesn't sell to the media or political elite. Make believe pretending is more their style.

Muslim terrorists will kill innocent people anywhere in the world they can--until the west can produce an organised force with enough competence and power to put an end to the extremism that has captured the heart, mind, and soul of contemporary Islam.

Today, it is a "24" TV show episode. Tomorrow it will be on 24 hour news coverage of CNN. When it really happens, somehow I think the CNN producers will be smiling.

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