Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tea With Terrorists--An Online Novel on Islam

Modern westerners often digest their concepts of the world through works of fiction. Whether books, movies, TV shows, university lectures, or media news, fiction is the main interface with reality for most westerners.

How good it is then, that there is an online novel freely available for anyone, which gives a preview of coming attractions in the "terror war." Perhaps reading such novels will give mainstream, average westerners a better mental picture of the reality that is closing in around them.
Tea With Terrorists is a novel set three years in the future. Winn and Power have crafted a taut thriller, equal parts spine-tingling action and bone-jarring truth. Its message is haunting and controversial: the source of terror is Islam... not a radical fringe group, not some fanatical terrorist organization. Islam itself.

Winn and Power went to the source, daring to meet face to face with terrorists: al Qaeda, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad - an encounter faithfully recounted in the title chapter. They probed the murky waters of Islamic scripture and history. Rich with detail and buttressed with documentation both ancient and modern, Tea with Terrorists may be a work of fiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

The "War on Terror" is in reality a war between stone-aged religious barbarism in the form of fundamentalist Islam, and modern tolerant western civilisation. There is no common ground between the primitivism of true Islam, and the enlightenment of the western world. Only mainstream western leftists and far extreme rightwingers claim common cause with the Islamists and their religious bloodletting.

With the passing of time, only rigid political ideologues, the very stupid, and the mentally ill, will comprise the westerners who ally with Islamic atavism. Perhaps if more people woke up sooner, we could skip several million deaths along the way.

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