Monday, January 22, 2007

Brainwash U--A Tour of America's Universities

If you haven't been on campus for a while, you may be unaware of what universities in North America have become--indoctrination centers.
The active suppression of conservative (non-leftist) ideas extended to extra-curricular speaking and activities programs which supported almost exclusively leftwing viewpoints, and to required freshman reading programs, which assigned only leftwing texts, and to supplemental course offerings – the “house” program at Duke University is a striking example -- where professors voluntarily provided students with training sessions in Marxism and other radical creeds under the guise of enriching their academic “education.”

Another form of ideological suppression conducted by faculty ideologues was the abusive treatment of conservative ideas and conservative students in the classroom itself.

Go ahead and take the tour. The brainwashing tour.

I would not be as concerned about the heavy-handed leftist takeover of the universities if not for one thing--there is no room on campuses now for the diversity of ideas. Without this exposure to a diversity of ideas--the only kind of diversity that is important to students--today's students will never learn to think for themselves. Perhaps this is what the brainwashers want--it certainly appears so.

But the western world must face a serious outside threat posed by a fascist and bloody religious extremism from the middle east, if it is to survive. Handicapping the minds of the brightest youth does nothing to increase the strength of western societies--just the opposite.

Young people are expected to be leftists, naturally. But as they gain experience in the real world, the more intelligent will curb their leftism as they acquire wisdom and perspective. When their higher education is so strongly biased to a caricatured left, as it is today, many students will lose the opportunity for true independence that university is supposed to present.

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