Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Testimony Against Obama's Justice Department -- Racial Bias

A policy of systematic racial bias appears to be in place at the Obama Justice Department. Besides the failure to prosecute the racist New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation and other infractions of voting rights law, the Obama Justice Department has apparently chosen to systematically disregard cases where the victims were white and the accused were black.

While such policies may not be as bad as some under the Clinton Justice Department -- which directly resulted in the deaths of informants against organised crime -- this type of blatant racial bias should not be tolerated at the city or county level, much less at the federal level.

The Chicago way of the Obama administration is simply the mob machine style of politics that has taken control in any number of corrupt Democratic Party controlled adminmistrations at all levels of government. Such criminal political machines typically maintain close ties to organised labour, and therefore to organised criminal organisations.

In such criminal administrations, prosecution is extremely selective, and citizens are typically not protected from genuine crime and oppression. Instead, citizens are subjected to ever greater levels of infringement of basic rights. Throw in the growing threat of frivolous lawsuit from the trial lawyer cabal, and the average person's rights are being cut off at the knees.

We have seen how the Obama administration has diminished the ability of persons in the private sector to create new businesses and jobs. By inflating the sinecured public sector at the expense of the productive sector, Obama Pelosi is shrinking the wealth creating capacity of the entire nation.

The nation was on the same downward trajectory under President Carter, before President Reagan rescued the drowning nation's economy. Now Mr. Obama has come to finish President Carter's unfinished mandate of irreparable malaise. That is the one thing he appears to be good at, other than teleprompter lip-synch.

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