Friday, July 02, 2010

A Downward Spiral with Obama at the Wheel

The US EPA has invaded Texas in an attempt to energy-starve the Lone Star State into submission. Talk of secession is beginning to circulate once again.

The US government is in no position to lecture anyone on the topic of competency, as the Obama Depression probes the depths of joblessness.

A new batch of documentary films are exposing government schools for their corruption and incompetency. Generations of students have already been lost. How many more will be sacrificed to government ineptitude?

No matter how bad government schools get, you simply cannot shut them down. No matter how bad union teachers get, you cannot fire them. It is a Catch-22 for those who pay their taxes -- and ultimately pay for the corrupt system.

Corruption in the America of Obama Pelosi is beginning to approach the corruption in Russia -- one of the most corrupt nations on Earth. No wonder Obama wants much closer political and economic relations with Russia.

If Obama can stack the Supreme Court with a few more hand picked statists, it will become difficult to distinguish the downward trajectories of the two nations.

Truly, it is amateur hour in Washington DC these days. America is sinking in a quagmire of debt and deception.

The US continues to lose jobs, and Obama hasn't a clue what to do about it. So he does exactly the wrong things.

Under Obama Pelosi, the US is experiencing an unprecedented divisiveness and sense that the nation is being mismanaged out of an innate incompetency residing in Washington DC. If you add the "radical seed" component to the Obama Pelosi plan, you can see more clearly that such a profound level of incompetence could not have occurred totally by accident.

Obama Pelosi has been busy inserting an autopilot into the machinery of government, just in case. This autopilot will make sure that the government continues to run itself into the ground with the same Obama Pelosi level and style of designed incompetence -- regardless of who gets elected to fill the figurehead elected offices and political appointments of government. The ruin is becoming irrevocable. As some of us knew it would.

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