Friday, July 23, 2010

Tragedy in Gaza: Evils of Zionism Exposed to World

The mall is not representative of Gaza as a whole, but even in the malls you see traces of religious hatred and fanaticism. It is no less tragic for the reality that they are doing it to themselves. The reason to escape Gaza is to get away from Gazans.

Gaza is a microcosm of hatred, brutality, and mindless self-defeatism. The perversion of the human spirit that one sees in places such as Gaza and south Lebanon is a clear throwback to the tribal hatreds of long-extinct false starts toward civilisation. The nightmare descent into bloody negativity, which is a way of life passed down from parent and grandparent to children, is almost impossible to reverse.

When a society becomes so immersed in hatred, suicide takes on overtones of escape, in addition to the payback and religious redemption motivations.

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