Monday, July 19, 2010

Does Obama Have Blood on His Hands? More Than You Know

US President Obama refuses to secure the US border with Mexico until he can arrange for a quasi-amnesty immigration policy to be passed. Meanwhile, a lot of people are dying on both sides of the border as a result of Obama Pelosi policies of malignant neglect.
At least 17 young people were killed at a private birthday party early Sunday morning in the city of Torreon in northern Coahuila state. It was one of the worst single attacks of its kind since Mexican President Felipe Calderón began cracking down on drug cartels upon taking office in Dec. 2006.

...In late January, more than a dozen teens were shot and killed at a party in a modest neighborhood at the edge of Ciudad Juarez, the troubled industrial city that sits across from El Paso, Texas.

The first – and, to date, only – public attack at a mass gathering in Mexico, came in September 2008, when a grenade was tossed into a plaza in Morelia in Michoacan state during independence celebrations. Since then, political aspirants have been killed, as were employees associated with the US consulate in Ciudad Juarez. Hitmen have fired on drug-rehabilitation centers and killed Mexicans fleeing checkpoints on the road.

Just last week, perpetrators feigning car trouble detonated 22 pounds of explosives with a cellphone in Ciudad Juarez, killing first responders at the scene. _CSMonitor
The lawlessness and murder in Mexico is reflected by gang violence and random violence and lawlessness of illegals inside the US. President Obama wants to reward this bloody violence because he sees a political advantage for himself and his associates. He wants to make illegals into voting citizens of the US.

Obama feels that if he continues to make it easier for illegals to enter the country en masse, that when the time comes for a legislative settlement, the amnesty-seekers will have a better hand to play.

Unfortunately, Obama's "leaky borders" policy allows violent drug gangs in Mexico to continue growing wealthier and stronger. As the Mexican gangs get more violent, Obama's hands continue to get bloodier, from his part in the tragedy. In the meantime, everyone pretends not to notice.

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bruce said...

What happens if the Democrats retain the House and Senate?
This would be a blow to the few of us who expect a better future.
Despite atmospherics glowing about the Dems suffering big losses I am beginning to doubt the notion. Too much pork for too many to deprive themselves.

What happens if run of the mill Republicans take control of the House and Senate? Afraid its not much of an improvement.

We can shout out about the spending and the deficit but are there enough people who care?