Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Obama Needs a Robot er, Reboot

Once hailed as the Messiah and the Chosen One, Mr. Obama has run onto hard times -- a mere year after assuming the US presidency. Despite the unfailing support of the news and entertainment media -- the media's willingness to ignore Obama's gaffes, miscues, and absurdities -- the US public is getting tired of Mr. Hopey-Changey. Particularly since an extended financial recession and jobs crisis can be laid right at the door of Obama and the Democratic Congress.

Obama and Pelosi were warned not to pursue the nationalisation of the health care industry, the automobile industry, and the banking industry in the middle of a credit crunch and a jobs shortage, but the left-radical crusaders had waited too long to put their boot-print on the lone superpower of the world. In their eyes, the US had stood in the way of world socialist reform -- whether under the guise of climate change or under the naked banner of "social justice." Now, after a year of Obama - Pelosi, the US is much deeper in debt with nothing good to show for it, and no relief in sight.

The US public is slowly catching on to the emptiness of Obama's soaring rhetoric, and the destructiveness of his true ambitions. They are beginning to vote against the Obama - Pelosi agenda. Even formerly supportive international observers are beginning to question whether there is any substance behind the now threadbare emotions barely propping up the Obama bandwagon.
US President Barack Obama suffered a painful defeat in Massachusetts on Tuesday. With mid-term elections looming, it means that Obama will have to fundamentally re-think his political course. German commentators say it is the end of hope....

...This week, ... a week when Obama should have been celebrating the first anniversary of his inauguration -- may have been the president's worst yet. Scott Brown, an almost unknown Republican member of the Massachusetts Senate, defeated the Democratic candidate Martha Coakley for the US Senate seat vacated by the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. The defeat in a heavily Democratic state not only highlights Obama's massive loss of popular support during his first year in office, but it also could spell doom for his signature effort to reform the US health care system.
German commentators? Check back in 50 years to see if an independent Germany still exists outside of the Dar al Islam. While their own country is being taken over by outsiders, German commentators take their valuable time to advise President Obama on how to retain his revolutionary momentum despite apparent losses in special elections. Just kidding. It is always interesting to get an outside view -- while it lasts. ;-)

The question: Does Mr. Obama need a robot? Perhaps a robot that looks and talks like him, but has a better rounded personality? A robot who says one thing and then does the same thing he says he will do, for a change? A robot who actually serves his constituency instead of serving special interests both within the US (unions, trial lawyers, investment banks) and outside the US -- while at the same time taking strong actions to hurt the backbone of the US economy and destroy US employment?

Such an Obama robot replacement might come as a relief to the American people. German commentators would of course be appalled. They had been so much counting on an American president whose policies -- while dysfunctional -- were in agreement with their own sensibilities.

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