Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Not Lying If You Follow the Rules.....

And if you are a radical crusading for the new utopian order, there are no rules. Everything is a scripted deceit meant to engineer the new radical utopia. There is no truth, there is no meaning except the goal. Power to the (radical) people.

Remember: never let a devastating catastrophe that ruins millions of lives go to waste. Use it to your advantage. Crusade on, radical engineers of society. There are no rules for you.

Xtra: The first installment of "The Revolutionary Holocaust" by everyone's favourite beloved talk show host, Glenn Beck.

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The type of pseudo-intellectuals who are attracted to left radical ideas are precisely the persons whom no one who has anything important to do would miss were they to fall off the edge of the planet. People precisely like Barack Obama, whose followers consist mainly of zombies and opportunists.

The key to removing the ability of these miscreants to do harm, is simply to demonstrate that they are not needed.

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