Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jews Hate Palin but America Needs a Change

America has suffered under recent changes that leave it with little hope. The hard working self-determination of America's founder population is rarely seen in a Washington DC that is focused upon stripping the US' private sector for the benefit of FOBs. The trend for America is decidedly downward -- unless the nation turns away from a corrupt dependency upon hyper-centralised government, and toward stronger, more independent-thinking citizens.

America's Jews represent a hard working and high achieving segment of the nation's population that ordinarily might appreciate a politician who espouses hard work and independence for citizens. But a majority of American Jews express outright animosity toward the Tea Party movement, and toward politicians who hold traditional American Founder's values. Why?
On one level, part of the explanation lies in misunderstanding and media-induced panic...The press ran with the story, despite its falsity, that Palin was a Buchananite...An Obama spokesman chimed in the same day, telling a Florida paper that “Palin was a supporter of Pat Buchanan . . . a Nazi sympathizer.”

The notion was planted that Palin herself was, by association, anti-Israel, and Jews remained convinced of that, despite her unflinching support for the Jewish state, the presence in her gubernatorial office of an Israeli flag, and her eagerness to attend a rally protesting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to the UN in the fall of 2008 (which was canceled at the behest of Obama supporters, no doubt to deprive Palin of that platform)

...In her first national interview, Charles Gibson of ABC News mangled the details of a June 2008 talk she gave at the Assembly of God church she attended in her hometown of Wasilla. “You said recently,” Gibson told her, “in your old church, [that] our national leaders are sending U.S. soldiers on a task that is from God.” Palin had actually said something far different. She had encouraged the assembled to “pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right also for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending them out on a task that is from God.”

...Popular Jewish and non-Jewish female politicians—from Senator Diane Feinstein to Madeleine Albright to Hillary Clinton—have been modest to the point of frumpiness in appearance and professional in style, and therefore perfectly acceptable to Jewish women who aspired to similar positions of responsibility. Palin was another story... _Commentary
But America is clearly in trouble, and if some American Jews choose to reject a return to the national policies which made it possible for their forbearers to thrive in the US in the first place, perhaps it will be such reactionary Jews who are left behind this time through.

What are some of the things that rational Americans wish to happen -- to restore prosperity and a future to the floundering ship of state and the country at large? Interestingly, it is not just the libertarians and the Tea Party movement that see how badly the US government has bumbled its way into the abyss of suicidally corrupt incompetence.
An economy built upon constant and relatively free innovation is inherently difficult to sustain in a democracy. This is not so much a matter of anti-market ideology as of the painful realities of economic change. Innovation forces change, and the pain involved tends to be felt immediately while the benefits are usually diffuse and harder to perceive in the short term.

It is therefore natural for people to organize to prevent the spread of significant innovation. The original Luddites were cotton weavers who, in the throes of Britain's Industrial Revolution, responded to their displacement by automated weaving technology directly: They smashed looms. In America, people in similar situations rarely assault property en masse, but they do form political coalitions to pass laws that restrict innovation. It is understandable that the enormous waves of innovation always sweeping over a dynamic free-market economy will arouse great unease and opposition. But for that economy to prosper, the unease and opposition must be overcome. _National Affairs
Jim Manzi's piece in National Affairs is worth reading in its entirety. Manzi attempts to prescribe a solution to the Obama - Pelosi quagmire without actually stepping on too many toes, or offending the sensibilities of the mainstream pseudo-intellectual "elite" too badly. An impossible task. Yet he scores some telling points.

Wealth must be created before it can be enjoyed, shared, and transferred.  The Obama - Pelosi reich has demonstrated that it has no idea how to create wealth -- it only knows how to confiscate.

The emergence of sustainable global wealth will only occur with the coming of sustainable global trade.  Under the O-P policies, the US will sink ever lower into debtorship, the US dollar will shrink to little value, and the international economy will suffer for the loss of a stable force for global trade and commerce.

The pseudo-intellectual elite running America's newsrooms, classrooms, publishing houses, entertainment studios, and huge financial trading houses, do not have the interests of ordinary Americans at heart.  These pseudo-intellectuals now have a US government that they can support, obfuscate for, lie for, and pretend to suffer for.  But more Americans who belong in the productive class are beginning to understand the ways in which they have been led unwittingly to support an established order that is willing to use and toss them away like pawns.

If one is not a FOB, then one is not held in any value by the faux elite who are temporarily in charge of most of the mechanisms of state, education, and popular culture.   That crystal clear fact is being disseminated rapidly through the new media.  The repercussions of such a growing awareness among the middle classes and productive classes are beginning to play out.

Al Fin does not see politics as the path to the next level.  But smart politics can  prevent a great deal of human misery, and create conditions that allow the next level to develop more smoothly.

Don't be stuck on stupid.

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Anonymous said...

A couple points

1. The US Jewish community has always been ultra liberal, but in recent decades a lot of them have moved to Israel. My theory is that a lot of the conservative ones leave for the Levant or marry a gentile, leaving only the liberals behind as self-identified Jews.

2. As a practical matter only White gentile voters vote for rightist candidates, but you already knew that.

3. Among White gentiles Protestants make up the overwhelming majority of GOP voters. This begs the question of how we got six papists on the Supreme Court.

The day after the 2008 election I put up a post on the religious breakdown of the White vote in the US, along with a few other details. In my blogpost I felt this was one of my most important sources.

If the Puritans were around nowadays they would probably be classified as Evangelicals by the rest of society, and Evangelicals (or Southerners) are often the most mocked group on TV.