Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama to Lift Clinton Ban on Stem Cell Research

The reason newspapers are dying is because they lie to the public. As the public catches on to newspapers' dishonest agenda, they quite the papers in disgust. Take the example of reporting on Obama's lifting of regulations restricting embryonic stem cell research that date back to the Clinton administration. Most newspapers worldwide are reporting Obama's pending action as a reversal of a "Bush ban on stem cell research." In reality there was no such Bush ban. In fact, Bush opened up embryonic stem cell research that had been banned by the congress during the Clinton administration. Bush maintained the Clinton era ban on destroying embryos to obtain new stem cell lines. But he made vast new funding available for other types of stem cell research.

Obama is touting the reversal of a Clinton era ban that Clinton could not bother himself to deal with. But Obama's action will have a minimal effect on stem cell treatments for human disease, since such treatments will almost invariably utilise a person's own stem cells -- induced stem cells that have no danger of rejection by the immune system. That is the type of research that has been wide open for several years, thanks to Bush.

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