Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leftist Journalist? No Such Thing. Propagandist

Leftists are constitutionally incapable of presenting a balanced, objective look at anything with the slightest political overtones. Have you ever wondered how the leftist message stays so tight, and is able to turn on a dime? You wonder about that because you don't know about the ECHO CHAMBER ... Echo Chamber ... echo chamber ...
For the past two years, several hundred left-leaning bloggers, political reporters, magazine writers, policy wonks and academics have talked stories and compared notes in an off-the-record online meeting space called JournoList.

... it’s hard to trace JList’s influence in the media, because so few JListers are willing to talk on the record about it.

POLITICO contacted nearly three dozen current JList members for this story. The majority either declined to comment or didn’t respond to interview requests — and then returned to JList to post items on why they wouldn’t be talking to POLITICO about what goes on there.

...“There is nothing comparable on the right. E-mail conversations among bloggers, journalists and experts on our side tend to be ad hoc,” Goldfarb said. “The JournoList thing always struck me as a little creepy.”

Kaus, too, has seemed put off by the whole idea, once talking on BloggingHeads about how the list “seems contrary to the spirit of the Web.”

“You don’t want to create a whole separate, like, private blog that only the elite bloggers can go into, and then what you present to the public is sort of the propaganda you’ve decided to go public with,” Kaus argued.

But Time’s Joe Klein, who acknowledged being on JList and several other listservs, said in an e-mail that “they’re valuable in the way that candid conversations with colleagues and experts always are.” Defending the off-the-record rule, Klein said that “candor is essential and can only be guaranteed by keeping these conversations private.”

And then Klein — speaking like the JLister he is — said there wasn’t “anything more that I can or want to say about the subject.” _politico
Very, very creepy. The fact that most of the idiots on the list actually get paid for their ideas is a sorry measure of the state of intellectual life in the US.

Another interesting tidbit about leftist fat heads: Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has a brother who's an insider on Wall Street. Guess who prepped the glib poseur on how to confront Jim Cramer on the air? Not the tooth fairy.

And doesn't it seem weird how leftist pundits have jumped on the bandwagon en masse to deny that the Community Reinvestment Act had anything to do with the credit crunch. Very odd, and very untrue. But then, the ECHO CHAMBER has to stay on message, to keep all the right people in power and in control of public policy and disbursals.

You see, the ECHO CHAMBER is on a holy crusade to transform America into a new Europe. They seem to think they are going about it the right way. Seize the government, seize the media, demonize the opposition, and emerge triumphant and beyond reproach or accountability.

Interesting plan indeed. Let's watch it unfold, shall we?

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