Friday, March 13, 2009

Having A Clown for President Would be Better if He Were At Least A Little Bit Funny

A lot of people tried to warn the American voting public that electing an incompetent narcissist would come back to haunt them. And now it is just beginning to come true:

Obama's 12 Step Plan to Destroy An Economy

Obama's Brave New Debt that will never be paid off

Just one way that Obama has set out to destroy employment in the US

Obama's IQ is probably less than 115. And maybe a lot less. After all, the average IQ of attorneys has been going down (and not just because Obama and his wife became attorneys)

No matter what the good intentions Clown President Obama may have, he is most certainly paving a road to hell.

The only ones more ineptly clownish than Clown Obama, are the voters who pulled the lever for the bozo.

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