Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Global Economy at the Crossroads

China may be on the brink of instability and large scale capital flight

If this dire prediction should come to pass, the repercussions across global markets -- both emerging and developed -- would be severe.

The global drop in oil prices is having a depressing effect on Russian markets and the ruble

Putin's inability to sell high priced Russian natural gas to China is likely to further hurt the wounded bear

Things are bad all over, with people beginning to remark on an exodus of cash from China

A growing problem of capital flight from Russia etc.

Even Europe is beginning to feel the sting of capital flight -- and not just Greece and Spain

Unless the US can get rid of Obama and his ruinous administration of economic saboteurs, and unless the UK and Australia can get rid of their energy starvationist politicians and bureaucrats, even the Anglosphere may be in for some very hard times.

Mainland Europe needs to reverse its demographic decline and enact some crucial pro-energy policies, before it suffers a terminal green dieoff.

It is possible for entire societies to commit suicide. Try not to let it happen to yours.

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