Saturday, June 09, 2012

Democratic Party Suffers Injury to A Majour Support

The US Democratic Party is largely supported by Government Employee Unions, Trial Lawyers, Big Faux Environmentalist lobbies -- and to a lesser degree by large Wall Street firms, academics, celebrities, and media conglomerates.

Government Employee Unions suffered a grievous injury last week, when voters in Wisconsin and California elected to make it more difficult for the unions to hold taxpayers hostage at the point of a gun.
The voters of Wisconsin know that the Democrat Party is for the most part owned and operated by corrupt public-employee unions that want to suck every last dollar out of their pockets to fund bankrupt pensions and health care plans for themselves and their members.

The voters of Wisconsin have realized that these unions and the politicians who support them are literally stealing from them and endangering the economic future of their children. ...Americans are now choosing self-responsibility and fiscal sanity over the suicidal power grabs of the public-employee unions and their political protectors. Not only will these corrupt public-employee unions continue to take a pounding across the country but come November, Obama will too. _IBD
Voters in San Diego and San Jose sent a similar message to their state and municipal government employee unions.

US states, counties, and municipalities are beginning to suffer, as their budgets are being squeezed by extortionate union contracts. Libraries must be closed, while at the same time important city, county and state workers must be laid off or cannot be hired.

US President Obama has supported the quasi-criminal government unions in their fight against the taxpayers. As taxpayers wake up to what is being done to them by government unions, it is likely that they will eventually wake up to Obama's participation in their economic rape. Whether such an awakening will occur before the election in November depends to a large degree upon the lengths to which the US media will go to protect their favoured politician in the White House.

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