Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why so Vicious? Did She Do It for Trayvon?

No one knows why the 18 yo woman in the photograph stabbed a 27 year old pizza delivery woman multiple times in the head, chest and torso. The delivery woman was making a delivery at a home when she was accosted by the woman -- Cadedra Lynn Cook -- and a teenage male accomplice on the doorstep.

Police are looking for a motive for the murder, since the amount of money taken from the victim would not normally be considered worth committing a capital offense.
Police said a pizza order was placed by telephone at Domino’s shortly before 9 pm on Thursday and Ms Hutcheson was the delivery person sent.

Ms Hutcheson was found bleeding in the doorway of the house at around 9.15pm by police officers conducting a traffic stop nearby who rushed to the scene when they heard her screams.

She was pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center.

Police said both attackers fled on foot after the stabbing, and after a search overnight involving many different police teams, officers apprehended the teenagers at around noon yesterday in a nearby field. _DailyMail

The victim -- a single mother of a 4 yo child -- had taken the pizza delivery job to help support her young child.

As noted, police are baffled as to why the perpetrators committed such a vicious crime under the apparent circumstances. But attacks on pizza delivery persons are not unheard of. Generally the motive is robbery, but in a national atmosphere of racial tension brought on by the Trayvon Martin murder trial, the motive of race must be considered in an interracial crime of this type.

The reasons for apparently random violent crimes cannot always be determined. In the US, resentment of blacks against whites and members of other races has grown over the past several decades, due at least in part to dysfunctional public policies dealing with race.

News coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting plays into this general resentment, occasionally leading susceptible people into violent acts -- or making it easy to justify these acts in hindsight.

Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in almost every multicultural community where the proportion of black residents passes a certain threshold.

Rather than papering over these crimes and this clear tendency to violence, societal institutions such as academia, the media, government, etc. should seek to identify the roots of this violence, so as to find a solution. The perpetuation of such violence through national denial leads to a very unstable situation.

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