Sunday, March 28, 2010

One-Party Rule Wearing Badly on Once Free Nation

Video Source via News Alert
The US is reeling under the blitzkrieg approach of the Obama - Pelosi reich to government. Having overrun private health care choice in favour of government dictate, the O - P reich now turns its eyes to overhauling the demographic makeup of the US.
The coming storm over immigration could be even more contentious than all the "ObamaCare" town hall meetings combined. It will also be a perilous challenge for Democrats trying to balance the conflicting interests of the Latino voters they wish to court, the businesses they promise to bolster, and the blue collar workers they need to turn out to vote in November. _Guardian
And yet the one-party reich cannot seem to help itself. It appears dedicated to transforming a once free, advanced, and prosperous nation into a nation of desperate government dependents who will have no choice but to keep returning the dictators to power -- echoes of Castro, Saddam Hussein, Mao, and other one-party state dictatorships that attempted to maintain an illusion of democracy.

The innovation and industry of the US private sector was once the pride of the world. But with time and corruption, constitutional protections from government overreach were torn down by bureaucrats, judges, and elected officials. Obama y Pelosi appear to see the end in sight -- permanent one party dictatorship. They cannot wait.

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