Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obamacare? No -- Obamacabre

The macabre machinations of ramming health care reform down the throats of the US Congress and the American people, will be studied by historians for decades. The macabre repercussions of the passage of Obamacabre will be suffered by everyone who once relied on the American system of biomedical and scientific innovation. Because those days are going, going, gone.

Unique blogger Bayou Renaissance Man presents a thoughtful look at the transition -- or phase state change -- that the passage of Obamacabre represents. Quoting well known authors such as Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, Bill Whittle, and ?Al Fin??(who's that?) BRM presents one of the best overviews of Obamacabre's passage available.
I'm frankly sickened by the duplicity, immorality and bare-faced gall displayed by the Democratic Party in passing this bill. I won't bother to recap all of their shabby tactics, bribery and arm-twisting - you've doubtless read all about it in the news media. Nevertheless, a few commentators have said things about Obamacare over the past day or so that I think are worth circulating. _BayouRenaissanceMan
Go to the source to read the whole thing.

The deceit and strong-arm tactics perpetrated by the Obama - Pelosi government to bring this bill to signing is a classic illustration of mob-machine political chicanery. And yet the general US public knows and understands virtually nothing about what is soon to begin unfolding.

Had Jimmy Carter signed such legislation in the late 1970s, US physicians would have rebelled virtually as a group. But over the decades, US physicians have been so corrupted and beaten down by government health care and every conceivable type of bureaucratic health care administration and governance, that at least half of them are constantly in a daze -- and unable to react to most things that are happening outside of their immediate realm of responsibility and expertise.

Even so, plenty of physicians are already making plans to close up their practises and retire early -- or to shift to other areas of employment not falling under Obamacabre provisions.

If you are elderly -- or love someone who is elderly -- there is nothing but bad news from Obamacabre. You will be called upon to walk the extra mile to compensate for what the government's burgeoning neglect for the elderly would otherwise do to you or your loved ones.

If you are a person of colour, a racial minority who approves of affirmative action, and wants to take the system for everything you can -- well, you are in luck. Obamacabre opens yet more doors for such opportunism and stripping the flesh from your countrymen. Proceed at your own risk.

The passage and signing of this ill-defined, unfinished piece of garbage is but the harbinger of a new way of doing business in America. It is not pretty, but it is Chicago. It is corrupt, it is divisive, and it only deepens the schisms between the diverse peoples of a formerly free America.

The way to govern best, is to govern least. But that is the opposite of the Obamacabre approach to governing. Obama Pelosi take the "smothering" approach to the nanny state. People who love freedom would do well to make preparations for a long siege. Unless something amazing happens, and this form of politics is somehow overturned before it is too late. It could happen.

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