Monday, March 29, 2010

There is No Polite Way of Dealing With This Crowd

Obamacabre has been signed into law, and will soon be spinning off expensive new amendments, revisions, lawsuits, and pork. But how familiar are members of the one-party government with the details of Obamacabre?

Al Franken may actually be the most intelligent, informed, and courteous of the current one-party government in Washington DC. Had a journalist seriously tried to get Speaker Pelosi to answer a question about what was in a $1 trillion bill, the journalist would probably be spending the next few months in hospital and rehab.

Personally, I would not like to have a congressional staffer put his hand on my shoulder so many times. It would make me feel violated, somehow. But that is just me. Fortunately, Jason Mattera kept his cool and kept the pressure on the Senator -- in an attempt to see just how much the Senator knew about the $1 trillion monstrosity he supported (soon to become a several $trillion monstrosity).

The US government is exploding in size and entitlement spending. Soon there will be no room for discretionary spending on the real functions of government: protecting citizens from violence, theft, and fraud. Entitlements + interest payments on the debt will soon exceed government revenues -- and both are on an exponential path to the stratosphere.

It does not look good. And knowing that the government is in the hands of a one-party cabal of social engineers who cannot bother themselves to understand what a $1 trillion bill will do -- that is not reassuring.

Make your plans now.

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