Sunday, November 04, 2012

Be Prepared for Obama Zombies to Riot if Obama Loses

Twitter supporters of President Obama have been threatening to riot if Obama loses this week's presidential election. Threats to assassinate Romney are also picking up, as the very tight election approaches.

A few weeks ago, Twitchy reported on Twitter users threatening to riot if President Obama loses to GOP rival Mitt Romney. With four days to go until Election Day, we decided this is a topic worth revisiting. The results of our Twitter searches are not pretty:

Those are just the riot threats posted today (Friday November 2nd). It is reasonable to assume that hundreds more were posted prior to today — all of them ignored by a complacent, biased mainstream media.

Interestingly, the threats made today were posted exclusively by supporters of President Obama. We weren’t able to find even one Republican threatening to riot if Mitt Romney loses.

Granted, most of these riot threats were probably made in jest, but a few may be serious. People who do not respect property rights and have little regard for the rules governing civil society have been known to riot over matters of less importance than a presidential election.

Our advice: Be prepared.


Oh, yes. Best be prepared. Always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

At least half of Obama supporters are several cards shy of a full deck of playing cards. It wouldn't take much to set them off like a load of old dynamite, with nitroglycerin bleeding all over the surface.

When traveling through the US, be careful where you go over the next several weeks -- regardless of who wins the election. Just as rabid sports fans will riot whether their teams win or lose, so with Obama zombies.

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