Monday, November 05, 2012

Obama Drives a Stake Through the Hearts of Black Americans

Despite very high expectations from the outset, the Obama presidency has not been kind to African Americans.
The October employment numbers deepened the gloom among African Americans and those (including the Via Meadia team) who believe that the United States as a whole cannot progress as it should unless African Americans are getting ahead too. As a report from Think Progress reminds us, in October, African American unemployment rose almost a full percentage point to 14.3 percent.

...unemployment is only part of the story. America’s Black middle class is facing a crisis of historic proportions. African Americans were among the biggest losers in the housing bubble; well intentioned but ill advised policy changes intended to get more low income families and marginal households into home ownership kicked in just in time to lure African American families into the housing market at the peak of the bubble. The loss of wealth and savings has been nothing short of catastrophic; decades of progress in building net worth for middle class and lower middle class minority families have been wiped out since 2007.

... if President Obama wins reelection, his team will have to come to grips with the devastation the last four years have brought to his most loyal supporters and, one hopes, begin to think seriously and realistically about policy changes that might do some good. _Via Meadia

Black Americans are voting for Obama in droves -- although a few have woken up to the debilitating effects of the Obama vision since the 2008 hysteria. Those few are quietly hoping that Mr. Obama is removed from his Peter Principle Position, so that blacks can begin putting the pieces of their lives back together again.

At least American Blacks can be grateful that Obama has not done to them what he did to the US Libyan ambassador.

The Obama regime is a lesson in designed incompetence via ideology. There is much to be learned from a thorough dissection of the legions of missteps taken by Obama and his crony minions. But a wiser use of time would be to put Obama and his bamboozling shenanigans behind us -- all of us.

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