Friday, February 10, 2012

JournoList Thug-Monkeys Re-consider Tactics

End of the Fight Club?** Now JournoList eminence Matthew Yglesias tells us he has “come to think that ‘mean’ arguments are counterproductive.” …  Hard-to-resist working thesis: This is what happens when you end a private institution where ambitious young leftish political writers preen for each other (and Scoutmaster DeLong) by showing how vitriolic and thuggish they can be about their ideological opponents. … Jonathan Chait had to be especially mean on domestic issues to make up for his New Republicish pro-Israel positions. … P.S.: Yglesias is a nice guy. That’s the point. JournoList encouraged nice guys to try to be nasty. …

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Source: Mickey Kaus, Daily Caller

More on the "Thug-Monkeys" of JournoList, including a list naming names.

The thug-monkeys of the skankstream want to tell everyone else what they should be thinking and how they should be behaving. They are being paid to shape your thoughts, actions, and voting patters.

But wouldn't it be nice if the relevant knowledge and information were made freely available, without political or philosophical spin? That way, you could form your own opinions, and make up your own mind for yourself.

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