Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ask Not, "Who is the forgotten man?" The Forgotten Man is You

Who is the "forgotten man?" He is a symbol of the growing numbers of ordinary US citizens who suffer as a result of President Obama's disregard for the US Constitution, US personal rights and liberties, and the tradition of the rule of law in the US.
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As a direct result of Mr. Obama's war against the US private sector, the US economy is suffering a deficit of 10.5 million jobs -- the combination of the jobs that have been lost and those that were needed merely to keep up with a growing population. The official 8.3% unemployment number is a political construct, meant to aid Obama in his re-election bid. But the millions who have lost hope under Obama understand the truth behind the numbers.

Only a few people expected Obama to demonstrate a contemptuous disregard for the Constitution he had sworn to uphold. But a growing number of "forgotten men and women" are becoming aware of the ongoing travesty.

CBS report on the controversial painting, "The Forgotten Man," above.

Barack Obama is the first anti-American US President. No wonder America's beacon of opportunity is fading.

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