Friday, November 11, 2011

Occupy Movement: Lord of the Flies for Modern Devolved Leftists?

The Occupy movement is becoming more and more surreal. At UC Berkeley and Harvard, students are clamouring to build occupy camps of their own, on campus. Expect this to become a growing trend at elite universities where children of the 1% are prepared to rule the world.

Here is a short list of one day's misadventures in the Occupy camps of the world:

If you have ever wondered what would happen in a society consisting entirely of liberals, the Occupier movement is providing the answer: devolution. It is almost impossible to keep up with the downward spiral, but here are some of the highlights of the last 24 hours:

* In Portland, an Occupier was arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail down the stairwell of a building.

* In London, employees of St. Paul’s Cathedral have had to clean up human waste left by Occupiers inside the cathedral. (What is it with the Occupiers and toilet issues?)

* In Portland, another drug overdose.

* In Vermont, a man was shot to death at the Occupy Burlington encampment.

* At Occupy San Diego, a citizen journalist was violently assaulted.

* In Atlanta, tuberculosis has broken out among the Occupiers.

* In Salt Lake City, four were arrested after a melee broke out in the Occupy encampment.

* In San Francisco, police expressed concern about escalating violence among the Occupiers, following incidents including gun possession, assault on a city worker and trespassing on the new holiday ice rink.

And this is just a smattering of today’s headlines! The Occupiers are conducting a sort of experiment in the viability of left-wing ideas, and the results aren’t pretty.

Others have been shot and killed, raped, molested, robbed, assaulted, etc. in the immediate vicinity of Occupy camps. Business and properties have been badly vandalised. Public health and sanitation have flown out the window, with public hazards largely ignored by lawful authorities.

This is a movement subsidised by wealthy leftists, abetted by leftist government administrators, and populated by professional activists of the left. It is a useful phenomenon, as a test for idiocy. If one joins the "movement," one is clearly an idiot with nothing important to do.

Either that, or someone who is a peripheral "hanger-on." A curiosity seeker (with nothing important to do), or someone with darker motives.

It is certainly an entertaining circus, as long as you can keep your distance.

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