Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick! Someone Tell Tea Partiers that Herman Cain is Black!

Either the Tea Partiers were never properly instructed in the art of being racists, or they are unaware that presidential candidate Herman Cain is black. Cain is enjoying increasing support among members of the Tea Party movement and among the more conservative GOP voters. Walter Russel Mead wants to know how the media "spin" on the Tea Party went so badly wrong:
Either a lot of Democrats have been slandering millions of American voters as racist, or the Tea Party hasn’t gotten the word that Herman Cain is African American. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn after a slew of recent polls shows that Cain is picking up the ‘teavangelical’ vote as former favorites like Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry fade.

In particular, this morning we get the word from my native state of South Carolina that Cain is the leader in the Republican primary there. According to this American Research Group poll, Cain has a small and statistically insignificant lead over Mitt Romney: 26 percent to 25 percent.

Unless there has been a heretofore unnoticed surge of Black voters into the ranks of the South Carolina GOP, this means that one out of every four voters in the most conservative electorate in the United States are now ready to vote for a Black candidate for president. _WalterRusselMead
Mead goes on to describe a few other incongruities between the skankstream media spin on southern US voters and the reality on the ground.

I suppose it takes at least 4 years of university indoctrination to learn how to ignore reality, and stick to the approved message. All of those paid demostrators at the "Occupy" sit-ins, for example, must be exceptionally well indoctrinated. They must have at least 8 or 10 years of college apiece, on average. All that self righteousness on display, and $22 an hour too! Just to protest in support of the Obama status quo. Heh! And the media skanks love the "occupiers", too, not like the Tea Party rough-housers, rabble rousers and racists.

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