Friday, October 21, 2011

Haunting Video of 2 Year Old YueYue: Death by Indifference in Guangdong

Warning! Do not watch this video if you have a tender heart. The brutal indifference of ordinary Chinese in Guangdong shown toward a badly injured 2 year old girl is almost unbelievable. And China considers itself the civilised society!

(h/t Mish)

Two year old YueYue died in the hospital after a week in coma. She died of progressive organ failure.

The media is claiming that the little girl's injury, neglect, and subsequent death raises painful questions in China about the value of human life in the Celestial Kingdom. The media is also saying that "it was too dark to see" the little girl, lying crushed and bleeding in the middle of the road.

But let's be honest about this tragic incident. The original van driver may not have seen the little girl before knocking her down. But after that, he knew he had hit something or someone -- and never bothered to look! After that, the events unfolded as if in a zombie movie -- except without the flesh-eating.

The video speaks for itself.

In the Al Fin blogs, we have commented at length on the alienating nature of Chinese society, particularly its one-child policy which leaves individuals with no siblings, no uncles or aunts, no cousins, no extended family or sense of belonging. In this case, if YueYue was an only child, the line stops there.

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