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Violent Flash Mobs in North America Typically Black

Take a group of people with low impulse control, high resentment, relatively low intelligence and executive function, and a tendency to violence -- then throw in smart phones and a need to commit group mayhem -- and you may have created a new public art form and recreational activity. It might just catch on in your home town!
It is the black passage of Spring again. Social networking can be an accessory to break the law. This time a group a black youths outbreak of violent behavior causes destruction at a Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Greenwich Village, NYC, more than $2,000 in damage.

In Las Vegas, NV, the beginning of May it was a local convenient store that was the black people’s target. They steal $600 in Food in 3 Minutes.

In Center City Philadelphia, upscale Rittenhouse Square area ,a flash mob breaks out, in an H&M clothing store on Chestnut Street. There is an increased police presence in Center City amidst concerns of possible “flash mobs.”
These are reported occurrences of black flash mobs destruction in the month of May, 20111.

I have been viewing it in Philadelphia for years now. It is rough in that City. Black youths inciting vicious conduct in formation of large groups, that threaten and disregard the lives of people, property and a way of life.

I am a racist? Are they white youths? No, I am calling it the way I see it. Obama’s entitlements has come full circle. _Source
More on this phenomenon:
Mobs of black youths have taken to randomly attacking pedestrians and businesses. This problem is nightmarish in its implications: a subset of the population has no self-control, was not raised to control violent impulses, and evidently gets pleasure out of hurting other people -- particularly people of other races. This type of person usually has done nothing to create anything of value, but rather destroys for pleasure. They organize using social media, and their goal is mayhem. They have been coddled and socialized by the welfare state and public education system. With an aggressive sense of entitlement, and no regard for others, they will predictably become more violent. The mobs reflect an undesirable character type, and the vast majority of those in "flash mobs" are of the same race. _Source

Notice how the mobsters are euphemistically described as "teenagers," with no further details. This is a typical media tactic of PC obfuscation.
Followup to an earlier "Bump and Run" posting:
The Denver 'Bump and Run bandit' has been identified, but something is missing from the verbal description of the accused: his race! How can the public be on the lookout for a dangerous fugitive when critical information is withheld? Notice the difference between the descriptions of the two perpetrators below:
Denver police yesterday identified the so-called “Bump and Run” bandit who is wanted in connection with several robberies.

Police have identified the alleged thief as Ronald Davis. He is currently wanted for Investigation of Aggravated Robbery in connection with several “bump and run robberies.”

In two Denver cases, the suspect believed to be Davis approached victims on foot with a large kitchen knife, demanded valuables and fled. In one case the suspect used a vehicle to “bump” the rear of a female victim’s car.

Once the victim got out to view the damage, the suspect pushed the victim out of the way and reached in the victim’s car and took her purse and then fled in a vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.

‘Pirate bandit’ sought

Police are on the lookout for a so-called “Pirate Bandit” who robbed a Walgreens last month in Colorado Springs.

A suspect wearing an eye patch, wig and beard robbed a Walgreens, 920 N. Circle Drive, of prescription drugs on May 22. He had a gun and demanded a pharmacist to fill a bag with prescription drugs, according to police. The suspect is described as a white man in his 20s with brown eyes who weighs approximately 150 pounds.

Police are asking anyone with information to call them at 719-444-7000. _DenverDailyNews

Here is another example:
DENVER - Police hope they're getting closer to making an arrest in the "Bump and Run Bandit" case.

Denver Police want to talk to 43-year-old Ronald Davis about several robberies between April 23 and May 1.

Police say in one case, the victim's car was "bumped" from behind by a black or dark blue Acura coupe, or similar vehicle. Once the victim got out to view the damage, the suspect grabbed the victim's purse and drove off.

In two other cases, the suspect walked up to the victims with a large kitchen knife and demanded valuables.

If you have any information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). You could be eligible for up to a $2,000 reward if your information leads to someone being arrested and charged in this case. _9News
Political correctness gone amok. Photographs of the suspect show him to be obviously black, but that information is withheld in written and verbal descriptions.

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