Friday, May 06, 2011

The Idiocracy Will Be Much Meaner Than the Movie

The Idiocracy will be much more like SubSaharan Africa, like the Sierra Leone in Kaplan's The Coming Anarchy. Not so much like the lighthearted movie, where at least they had Costcos and Starbucks. ;-)

When a society's or subculture's average IQ drops to 85 and below, complex systems simply cannot function. Insufficient people of intelligence are available to plan, administer, maintain, and operate complex systems -- unless a significant "market dominant minority" of higher IQ happens to be living within the nation or society.

In low-IQ democracies, thuggish and corrupt elected leaders tend to drive away the only hope the society has -- higher IQ minorities capable of running the complex systems which a well functioning city or country requires.

Cities such as Detroit provide a microcosm of Idiocracy within the larger US society. But parts of Las Vegas and most other US cities can provide the same dire example of willful lawlessness and inability to consider tomorrow's consequences when taking today's actions.

This is the attitude that low IQ populations which are poorly raised without adequate role models and character training (executive function) bring to the future -- your future, as likely as not.

This is why intelligent people who can see where the flood is heading will have already started making their plans.

Do not build your house in the flood plain.

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