Saturday, May 07, 2011

What Black Culture?

SF Gate says blacks are leaving San Francisco faster than any other major US city, citing “substandard schools, a lack of affordable housing and the dearth of jobs and black culture”. _BelmontClub
Modern black American culture is one of resentment, entitlement, unrealistic expectations, and simmering hatred and violence toward a European infrastructure that occasionally breaks out into full-scale insurrection.

But Wretchard of Belmont Club has happened upon a very interesting US demographic phenomenon, which may have long reaching repercussions:
...will demographic trends coupled with mobility eventually mean the end of identity politics based on racial lines? When does a black “multicultural” candidate essentially become just another politician in which ethnic identity means little or nothing in comparison with his economic and policy positions? Will the Democratic “Big Tent” need re-architecturing? What will the impact of these shifts be on the Republican Party? Granted that these are long-term trends, what will these developments mean for 2012? _BelmontClub
If blacks are fleeing San Francisco for the city's lack of "black culture", why are so many blacks running away from areas of high proportionate black population toward areas with lower proportions of blacks?
Increasingly blacks are moving to places with small black populations. Just 2 percent of the black population growth in the last decade occurred in counties that have traditionally been black population centers, while 20 percent has occurred in counties where only a tiny fraction of the population had been black. _NYT
Smarter and more capable blacks are looking for opportunity -- not "black culture." To a large extent, it is "black culture" which is dragging much of the black population down and promoting underachievement on top of underachievement.

As for San Francisco, the city's fringe leftist governments have been destroying the livability of the peninsula for medium income persons for decades now. Why is it that the mainstream press only takes notice when an "officially sanctioned disadvantaged group" is affected?
San Francisco's black population has dropped faster than that of any other large U.S. city's. It went from 13.4 percent in 1970 to an estimated 6.5 percent in 2005, according to the census. Nationally, African Americans make up 12.1 percent of the population.

...In San Francisco, the number of African Americans in very-low-income households has increased, the number of black-owned businesses has declined, and African Americans have the lowest home ownership rates, according to the report.

About 24 percent of black people in the city are living in homes that need severe or moderate repairs, and African Americans make up nearly half of the residents in public housing. _SFChron
Al Fin demographers are predicting severe turmoil for SF Bay area political power structures within the next decade or two, due to a general breakdown of economic viability across leftist-administered cities, states, and counties in the US. When the economy crashes, the burghers must often sit down with persons of questionable politics but verifiable capital and job creation skills.

Give California and the Bay area another ten years or so of self-destruction before they reach the end of their manic plunge into an idological wasteland.

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