Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Union Bosses are Willing to Risk Bringing Everything Down

Violence that occurs around union action is not accidental or coincidental. It is part of the union tactics and strategy. When intimidation and threat of violence is insufficient, targeted violence can often get the unions what they want.

A lot of union bosses act as if they don't care whether the system survives or not. If you watch this union instructional video, you may begin to realise that there are union bosses who actually wish the system would crash, pushing things in that direction.

video h/t breitbart

Imagine all levels of US government under the thumb of people such as this. What hope for a decent future could ordinary Americans possibly have in such a situation? The US is not that far away from such a disaster, unless ordinary Americans take action to prevent it.


Eshenberg said...

Thanks allah We live in free world-
videos are deleted!

al fin said...

They try to control what the public can see and know about what they are doing -- at public institutions and at public expense!

But technology is making it harder and harder for the snakes to hide under their rocks.