Friday, January 28, 2011

Rand Paul's SOTU Address Makes More Sense

Senator Rand Paul from the US state of Kentucky presents a much briefer and more honest State of the Union Address than US President Obama is capable of giving.

The USA (and the world) will suffer for decades for its rash and idiocratic decision in November 2008, to hand over controls of the world's only superpower to a "Peter Principle Poster Child."

Parts of the US will suffer more -- paradoxically the parts of the US controlled by friends and allies of the current US President will suffer for having their dysfunctional policies promoted and enabled. States and cities under the control of Obama friends in the Public Sector unions are veering ever more closely toward bankruptcy -- already suffering reduced credit rating and higher bond costs.

The lesson to democracies is to take their responsiblity at the ballot box seriously next time. The Obama regime is a noxious stink bomb on the entire world. The human population of the world cannot survive many more like that.

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