Friday, January 07, 2011

Not All Canadians Are Willing to Wait Years for Routine Surgery

Watch the video for a preview of what to expect in the US under Obamacare. Eternal waits, health care rationing, and some treatments forever out of reach to government health care recipients.
Canada has universal health care, but long wait times for treatment, the perception of poor medical service--whether real or imagined--and medical advances that "are allowing people to survive from things that once killed them," is driving demand for private health coverage and plans that offer second opinions...Canadians who want a second-opinion diagnosis and top-quality treatment fast can now look to Elite U.S. Healthcare, a product developed in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic.

"It provides people with choice and some security and peace of mind at a time when they're at their most vulnerable and want things done as quickly as possible," said Mark Halpern, a certified financial planner and president of Toronto-based Inc., who developed the product with the clinic. _WSJ
Unfortunately, under Obamacare, the only "elite" US healthcare remaining will be what is offered to politicians, US government bureaucrats, and public sector union members. Everyone else will get government healthcare, otherwise known as the lowest common denominator.

Say good-bye to world-class biomedical and pharmaceutical research, products, and technologies. Say hello to mediocrity and worse. Unless you can travel to Costa Rica to escape Obamacare.

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