Friday, January 21, 2011

In Obamaworld, We Never Have to Leave School, and Other Happy Tales

Although college may be a total waste of time, once you catch on that it's the journey that counts -- not the destination -- you can relax and just let it happen.

One of the things that may be ready to happen, is a significant US stock market correction -- meaning a drop........splat! Some high powered market researchers think the market is near a significant top. Of course, we all understand that the market is not the same thing as the economy. But when you combine a stagnant or flagging market with a worsening home market and a stealth worsening of the job market, and it starts to look like staying in college until the age of 85 might be the best idea of all. Make sure mom and dad leave plenty of money in the college trust.

More wonderful Obamarama news: If your state or municipality is controlled by public sector unions, it's probably going bankrupt as you read this. Good luck to the US Democrat party trying to keep that information from the voters.
Working-class families are fleeing the Democratic Party en masse, a trend that is likely to continue if their own economic situation remains weak in the face of ever-higher taxes, deficits and debt. These working-class voters see that public employees are continuing to receive more generous benefits and enjoy greater job security than they are. Support for the Democratic Party is now well below 40% with working-class voters who are unionized, and as low as 33% with whites who are not college educated.

As if that were not enough, Peter Orszag says that Americans need to "brace themselves for turbulence." You may remember that Peter was recently Budget Director of the Obama Regime. He got out when he could. What about you?

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