Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama's War Against Private Sector Jobs

As the economy suffers this employment migraine, its causes come into sharper focus. Instead of providing relief, President Obama and his party have aggravated an already grim employment picture. _WS

Obama's personal character has not developed at all since he was a young radical, sitting at his mother's knee. As long as he is allowed to strut and prance upon the public stage, posturing like a brain-dead peacock, he will continue to do so. He will learn nothing from his failures, as he has learned less than nothing from his successes. His zombie followers have found their perfect role model.
Americans want a president that brings the country together, a leader who tries to unify, not divide. But, instead, Obama serves up fiery, campaign-like speeches fingering business leaders as boardroom bogeymen, not job creators. _WS

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