Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Obama's Nasty Pet Pigs Pollute Nation's Capital

The great gathering of socialist pigs came to Washington for a group whine, and when they left, piles of their trash remained behind -- dropped and scattered everywhere. This is in contrast with a recent rally by anti-Obama groups, who left the DC mall in pristine condition. Some political animals are humans, others -- Obama's -- are pigs. I understand bedbugs are making a comeback in government offices and residencies in DC as well.
There appeared to be just one person cleaning up when TheDC was there Sunday. In the southeast corner by the National World War II Memorial, he was shoving trash into a long-handled dustpan with a single broom.

He said he was a subcontractor for the city and while the gentleman didn’t wish to be named, he probably wouldn’t mind being called ‘Hercules.’ When approached by TheDC, Hercules was immediately and noticeably grumpy.

Hercules said he had been cleaning up the area around the Memorial since 6 a.m. and expected to be there for “at least” 12 hours.

“They should have planned more,” he said. “There should have been a clean-up crew.”

Hercules said he also helped clean-up after Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally and as a result he was in good position to judge the cleanliness of the respective rally protesters. Not only was the “Restoring Honor” rally tidier, according to Hercules, but the “One Nation” rally downright dirty.

“I was at the other one too,” he said. “So I’ve seen both. I know the difference.”

“This group” just didn’t get it, he continued. “Let’s just say: I’m in a bad mood.”

On a visit to Washington with her daughter, California resident Pam Hewitt didn’t think much of the protestors who left their droppings all over the Mall.

“People … have the freedom of the speech and to assemble and all that, but to leave this much trash behind is just disrespectful,” she said.

Neither Flo McAfee nor Andrea Alford, representatives of the “One Nation” rally, were available for comment on Sunday — despite numerous attempts. The environmentally-friendly Sierra Club, one of the sponsors of the rally, could not be reached for comment either. _DailyCaller
All of this is not really surprising, since we have seen the same contrast between the aftermath of duelling rallies before. Something about Obama that simply attracts pigs.

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