Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Everything You See, Hear, and Read in the Media Wrong?

It often seems as if the news media is just one giant distraction from the things that people should be paying attention to. The "media as smokescreen" meme is a fairly accurate way to look at the mainstream.

America's demographic makeup is changing, but the US may be the only advanced industrial nation to have a healthy supply of young workers in the year 2050. For the future of African American communities, the greatest threats come from within themselves.

If the US can only survive its greatest threat since slavery -- The Obama Syndrome -- it may revive itself in the post-Obama age. With the threat of a worsening Obama Depression looming, America's approach to economics could certainly stand a hard reboot. The beginnings of the modern industrial age of capitalism were rough and rowdy. For capitalistic wealth creation to succeed, there must be areas of "open frontier", wild ranges of economic, technological, and real space to be explored and settled.

Europe is attempting to pull back from the abyss of financial collapse, but is Europe too deeply into the welfare state mentality to succeed? The emotional appeal of socialism may prove too strong for European intellectuals, despite its fatal flaws.

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