Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Can California Handle the Truth? Mickey Kaus Will Find Out

Kaus reveals a lot of California truth in a very short campaign ad. Can the people of California handle it, or will they all faint dead away?

The problem of public sector unions destroying the budgets of county, city, and state governments is not unique to California. But because of California's problem with illegal immigration, the problem is likely to come to a head there first.

Leftist politicians in bed with public sector unions is a destructive combination that will prove deadly to a large portions of Democratic Party dominated US. New Jersey was desperate enough to elect a tough-talking Republican to the governorship in what was clearly a no-win, last gasp survival reflex. New Jersey may actually luck out, if their governor can survive all the thuggish union (and union proxy) attacks against him.

The other states, counties and cities in the same situation, who lack the survival instincts of New Jersey, may not make it.

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