Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fear and Hate that Leftists Feel Toward their Detractors


When the left wants to caricature its detractors, it has an entire palette of media colours with which to work. Late night talk and comedy shows are willing to do whatever it takes to ridicule anyone who publicly objects to the mainstream steamroller of expanding central control and dictate.

The rules are different when the left attacks the center or the right. When the left is on the attack, there are no limits, no rules of conduct, nothing beyond the pale -- everything is allowed, including violence and various forms of privacy invasion. The end justifies the means, when you are assured of your own righteous purity in the service of the One Truth.

Understanding the way that a person's brain would have to be wired in order to derive any type of assurance or self-confirmation from viewing the caricatures pictured above will leave an educated observer more than a bit discomfited. It is rather like the way a Palestinian's brain is wired, that leads him to rip an Israeli to bloody pieces with his bare hands. Disturbing.

Humans are naturally violent, so it is necessary for any surviving human populations to possess the capacity for violence -- if only in self-defense. But when latent human violent tendencies are stoked by political opportunists, the problem can become endemic or institutionalised. Such perverted societies can promote war in the name of peace, or genocide in the name of tolerance.

Why the left lends itself to this approach is fairly easy to see. It is desperation and fear of loss of power. Such desperation can be used to excuse virtually anything. And it will be.

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