Friday, January 16, 2009

Nuclear War in the Middle East? OK With Putin

The Hamas/Hezbollah rockets, based on the Russian Katyusha and Grad, are not delivered via DHL from Allah. It doesn't require the guile of a KGB man like Mr. Putin to imagine a way to accelerate Iran's nuclear program, which has been aided by Russian technology and protected by the Kremlin from meaningful international action.

So the question for Western leaders is whether they doubt Mr. Putin would hesitate to provoke a war in the Middle East. If his regime falls, he and his cronies will face the loss of their immense fortunes and criminal prosecution when their looting is exposed. What are thousands of lives in the Middle East to a Kremlin mob that is openly preparing for the day when they will have to open fire on their own citizens to stay in power? _GarryKasparov
Why would Putin help Iran develop its arsenal of nuclear weapons, and help to stoke tensions in the Middle East to the breaking point? Why would he risk an all-out nuclear war in Southwest Asia -- land of the world's larges petroleum reserves? Why would he want the price of oil to rise, and much of the Persian Gulf oil to become inaccessible? Because he wants to stay in power!
Russia and its fellow petrodictatorships are in dire need of a way to ratchet up global tensions to inflate the sagging price of oil. Petrodictators, after all, need petrodollars to stay in power. The war in Gaza and the otherwise inexplicable skirmish with Ukraine over natural gas have helped the Kremlin in this regard, but $50 a barrel isn't going to be nearly enough. It will have to reach at least $100 and it will have to happen soon.

The effects of the financial crisis are rapidly reaching every level of Russian society. With no avenue for political expression left open to us, Russians are ready to take to the streets. Vladimir Putin has reacted true to form, ramming through new "anti-extremism" laws, building up the interior ministry's paramilitary police forces, and increasing the volume of the xenophobic propaganda in state-controlled media.

The natural place for the Kremlin to find its new crisis is the Middle East. Open hostilities between Iran and Israel would lift the price of oil back to a level that would allow Mr. Putin and his gang to keep funding the crackdown. Israel's anxiety over Iran's nuclear-weapon ambitions is the most vulnerable link in a very weak chain.
_WSJ (Kasparov)_via_LaRussophobe


Eshenberg said...

Russia begins to reform the army, reducing it and increase internal army but even the lack of funds does not permit do it :)G.Kasparov is not the person who can trust,he don't care Russian nation not more than Putin! We just bear in mind historical dates and names, but not the history given training(education)........

al fin said...

Yes, I am curious about Kasparov's attachment to Russia, given his origins and family background. Still he does make a very flamboyant dissident and political opponent of Putin. I know I could not defeat Kasparov at chess.

Eshenberg said...

Boa tarde!
Not many persons who might win G.Kasparyan in chess....but in basketball, I could defeat him :)
Not everyone who looks like a dog are dog.I can agree whit Him in situation in Russia......Russia half of deaths is a suicide in army! the situation is much more difficult for Russia country and nation,than the media show.