Sunday, July 08, 2007

Report from Spain: Continent in Denial

According to Aaron Hanscom, fresh from his annual trip to his wife's hometown in Spain, many Spaniards are beginning to understand that muslims still think of Spain as Andalus--a province of the Islamic Caliphate.
While most people seem to be coming to the reluctant conclusion that radical Islamists pose a threat to their way of life (the first step in defeating radical Islam), they remain unsure how to fight back.

....Miguel wasn’t prepared to call certain Western values superior to radical Islamic values. When I asked him if we could agree to condemn honor killings (a practice spreading across Europe), he said no. Even when I pointed to his three beautiful daughters and reminded him that forced female genital mutilation was regularly practiced in many Muslim countries, he shrugged as if to say “that’s just the way they do things over there.”

....Then there was the discussion I had with my other brother-in-law and his girlfriend in Madrid. They asked my wife and me if we ever considered moving to Spain. We told them that our fear about the future of Europe was a main reason we never gave it serious thought. They agreed that tensions with Muslim immigrants would only increase in the future. However, they both still clung to the idea that Spain would be safer if it continued to keep its distance from the United States.

... An email from an acquaintance of mine who at one time lived in the United States before moving to Madrid summed up the feelings I had on my trip. He wrote:

“Come to think of it, things are really crazy here in Europe…thank God you live in America because although Spain is a great place to live at the moment, it is probably not a great place to raise a family and most certainly there is not much of a future here. What I cannot understand is that Spaniards are so blind as to what is happening all around, like they are living in denial…”

Denial? It is far more complex than that. It is the psychology of people who believe that if they keep their heads down, and disassociate themselves from those who fight back against the religious terrorists, then perhaps the terrorists will take it easy on them.

But there is nothing in the behaviour of the Islamists who insist on Sharia law in every land they conquer and control, that suggests they will "take it easy" on anyone at all. Spaniards had best brush up on Sharia and Dhimmitude. That appears to be the future they have chosen.

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