Friday, July 20, 2007

Iraq--Bleeding Ground for Terrorists

About half the Al Qaeda terrorists killed in Iraq have been Saudi. KSA is the breeding ground of Sunni terrorism, thanks to the kingdom-sponsored Wahabi fanatical sect of Sunni Islam. The Wahabi clerics breed terrorists and send them to Iraq, where they generally get killed.
Over 5,000 Saudi Islamic radicals are believed to have died in Iraq so far. For the last four years, up to half the suicide bombers have been Saudis, and about half the 135 foreigners currently held in U.S. military prisons over there, are Saudis. Currently, American intelligence believes about 45 percent of the foreign fighters (less than ten percent of all terrorists there) are Saudis. The next largest group is Syrians and Lebanese (15 percent), followed by North Africans (10 percent). The other 30 percent are from all over, including Europe.
Source These dead Saudi terrorists are making it safer for the KSA royal family. Imagine the relief of government officials, to be able to send their malcontents to another country where they can be killed by third parties. And the royal family simply continues to sponsor the Wahabis in an unholy truce.

Like the Hotel California or the Roach Hotel, terrorists can check in any time they like. When they go back home to KSA, the government there is happy to lend a hand in identifying the bodies.

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